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Digital Storytelling

♦December 2016 : Dreamy Digital ScienceA list of amazing crypto fun study of digital tech/society you will never be able to make.

♦November 2016 : Le jeu de la fuitepoetic web project about meditative windows, escape through media, digital night dream…(put your headphones !)

♦ November 2015 : I just finished a web-documentary about french architecture after the WW2 called Une balade au Merlan (see the image below).  A project funded by Nicéphore Cité (Chalon-sur-Saône, France) developed with Caroline Bougourd (architectural historian), Robin de Mourat (UI/UX designer), Jérôme Tailhades (web developer) Delphine Durocher (graphic designer), Clémence Sgarbi (photo and video) and Alexandre Ferreira (sound design).

 ♦ September 2014 :  a video mashup on « data imaginaries ».