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Theatres of Algorithmic Transparency (PhD Project)

An inquiry into the politics of algorithmic transparency in french public bodies. My methodological framework is drawing on science & technology studies, anthropology and design research. I was supervised by Noortje Marres and Nate Tkacz from the Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies at Warwick University (Coventry, UK).


Research publications on the politics of algorithmic transparency:

♦ [Journal Article in review] « Algorithms as Figures. Towards a post-digital ethnography of algorithmic contexts ». New Media & Society. Special Issue « Algorithmic Governance in Context ». Edited by: Daria Gritsenko, Annette Markham, Holger Pötzsch, Mariëlle Wijermars.

♦ [Workshop Paper in review] « Whispered Meditations on the Algorithmisation of Bureaucracies ». Bureaucracksy, workshop organised by Constant, Bruxelles, December 2020.

♦ [Conference Paper in preparation]  « The administrative qualification of the algorithm: from the circulation of a metaphor to the transformation of the administrative act ». Digital State Conference, Université Panthéon-Assas, Paris 2, March 2021.

♦ [Journal Article] Le design de la transparence : une rhétorique au coeur des interfaces numériques. Loup Cellard et Anthony Masure. Revue Multitudes, 2018/4 n° 73 | pages 100 à 111. Dossier dirigé par Yves Citton et Emmanuel Alloa.

♦ [Creative Poster] Transparency Gestures Critical Table, Herrenhausen Conference, Berlin, June 12-14, 2018.

♦ [Conference Paper] Mapping transparency issues in design and technology through digital methods: Wikipedia Case Study, Cellard, L. Reyes, E. in Proceedings of the first Interface Politics conference, Barcelona, Spain, April 27-29, 2016. See the web experimentation here.


Public Policy publications on algorithmic transparency:

♦ [Public Policy White-Paper] « Les demandes citoyennes de transparence au sujet des algorithmes publics ». White-Paper by Loup Cellard for Etalab, french open data task force. 2019.

♦ [Contribution in Public Policy Report] « Guide des Algorithmes Publics », Etalab, french open data task force, 2019.


Inventive and experimental methods of inquiry

Inventive and experimental methods compounding science, art, design, and tech sensibilities.

Publications linked to this track of research:

♦ [Essay in artist monograph] “7 gestes pour performer dans le théâtre du social ”. Essai de Loup Cellard dans le livre Prose Postérieure. Le courrier électronique d’une instructrice d’aérobic sauvage et grotesque. Un livre de l’artiste Laëtitia Jasserand. Edité par Les Commissaires Anonymes.

♦ [Item in collection] “Interface Détournement” in The Techno-Galactic Guide to Software Observation. Compiled by Peggy Pierrot, Anita Burato, Christoph Haag, Michael Murtaugh, Femke Snelting, Seda Gürses. Edited by Constant. 2018.

♦ [Book chapter] « Provocations heuristiques : expéditions critiques dans les territoires des revues scientifiques électroniques. Mourat, R. Cellard, L. Royer, M. in Design et innovation dans la chaîne du livre, PUF, 2017.


Datavizs theory from a social science and humanities perspective

Publications linked to this track of research:

♦ [Journal Article] Self-Recognition in Data Visualization. How members see themselves in social visualizations. Dario Rodighiero & Loup Cellard. Espacetemps. 2019

♦ [Conference Paper] The Trajectories Tool: Amplifying Network Visualization Complexity. Alexandre Rigal, Dario Rodighiero & Loup Cellard. Digital Humanities Conference 2015.