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Dreamy Digital ScienceA list of amazing crypto fun study of digital tech/society you will never be able to make.

Mapping Interface Politics. Mapping transparency and opacity issues in GUI & building digital methods for media archaeology research. See paper here and all the experimentations here. Work in collaboration with Everardo Reyes (Associate professor in information and communication at Université Paris 8).


The Trajectories Tool. Developing new forms of data visualisation based on temporal networks. See paper here for DH2016 conf., slides here, a poster here, and a web experimentation here. All this works have been done in collaboration with Dario Rodighiero and Alexandre Rigal (PhD students, EPFL, Switzerland).


Heuristic provocations. Addressing critical issues through speculative design methods and workshops. First experimentation : workshop done at Ecridil (Nîmes, FR) on speculative scientific reviews, slides here. Project in collaboration with Robin de Mourat (PhD student, Université Rennes 2).